A Belize adventure Jungle Vacation is better for kids than expensive toys

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Even scientists promoting STEM toys agree that nature is equally powerful for brain building

Parents fill their children’s bedrooms with jungle books, stuffed tigers, lamps shaped like whales and expensive toys that bring the natural world into a child’s realm. It’s easy to see why—especially if those children live in major metro cities and have no idea that animals exist outside zoos!

To encourage children to develop their minds, the scientific community has been urging parents to buy their kids STEM activities that involve Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to help with brain building. In fact, manufacturers are churning out tons of these expensive toys.

But according to Patrick A. Coleman, writing for Fatherly.com, kids don’t need their parents to liquidate assets to fill a child’s environment with STEM toys. All they need do to accomplish the same goal is to take kids out into nature for an unforgettable adventure. Scientists agree.

Instead of STEM toys, travel instead

all inclusive family adventure vacation belize

If you’ve shopped for STEM toys, you won’t be shocked to read that a Makey Makey Stem Pack was just marked down from $850 to $700 on a couple of “creative kids” websites. For the same amount of money, you could take your child on an adventure in Belize and expose him to animals in the wild, jungles, rain forests, ancient Maya ruins and cultural experiences that can change the way a child thinks about diversity.

Adventure vacations at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, for example, include everything parents seek in a holiday. Book a treehouse for your stay. Opt for an all inclusive adventure package that includes meals. Get access to the Lodge swimming pool plus lush botanical gardens that could inspire your little one to seek a career in botany.

Lodge adventures just for kids?

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You bet. Families love adventures designed by Caves Branch Jungle Lodge staffers that are age appropriate so your brood will neither be bored nor frustrated. If a picture paints a thousand words, a visit to the Caves Branch Jungle Lodge website tells you all you need to know about child-friendly tours that suit little ones of all ages and stages.

STEM Toys? Who needs them? Shoulder rates mean family packages are even more affordable and you can’t put a price on the expression on your child’s face when she encounters a jungle cat, hundreds of bird species, howler monkeys and marine animals who make their homes along Belize’s barrier reef. Smart phone? What smart phone? At Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, your kids may not miss their devices—-reason enough to spend your money on things kids really need: life-changing experiences that don’t come from toy stores.

Start planning your Belize adventure vacation by emailing info@cavesbranch.com or calling toll free: 1-866-357-2698.

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