Where to Go for Christmas 2019  

christmas in belize

The North Pole is too cold. Europe is too expensive. Spending Christmas in Belize is just right!

If everything about sustainability thrills you, you’ll applaud Hong Kong’s AaaM Architecture firm for re-purposing 16,000 recycled bottles into a festive Christmas tree “forest” to raise environmental awareness and make a major statement about recycling. Primary school kids helped name the collection: Jungle all the way!

This inspiring story brings to mind the benefits of spending Christmas in a real jungle and at a place that is the epitome of natural vacationing: Fly two hours south to Belize, check into Caves Branch Jungle Lodge and you’ve landed at a truly environmentally-friendly adventure destination. You may even be able to sleep in a treehouse.

Who says you can’t light up a palm tree for the holiday?

belize christmas holidays

Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is the brainchild of Ian and Ella Anderson, two intrepid travelers who seized upon the idea of creating an “out of the ordinary” experience within a jungle atmosphere that proves the perfect setting for the ultimate adventure getaway. Evolving over 25 years from primitive camp to 5-star luxury property that features gorgeous tree houses, rooftop decks with hot tubs and an onsite restaurant, time spent at the Lodge is fantastic year-round. At Christmas, it’s magic!

Give yourself the gift of a Christmas holiday that won’t match anything you’ve done in the past by taking advantage of the 3-to-7 night all inclusive adventure packages offered by the Lodge. Sitting around a Christmas tree is so yesterday when you can be strolling 15-acres of botanic garden, singing Christmas carols as you are lowered into a dark cave tethered to a professional rig or spending your holiday roaming archaeological sites vacated by ancient Maya peoples that must be seen to be believed.

It’s easy being green and serene in Belize

where to go for christmas

While the world shuttles to and from work and play in the dead of winter, you get to write post cards (if you so desire) to your friends describing your amazing adventure holiday. You can tell them about how you floated into a mysterious cave on an inner tube to encounter all sorts of ancient Maya artifacts, rode horses through a jungle, dove and snorkeled the barrier reef and ziplined over a world of green treetops that proved the ultimate thrill.

Not anxious to make your mark as a daredevil? Give yourself the ultimate holiday gift (you deserve it) of spa services that are delivered at your choice of venues: the thatched poolside palapa spa or within the privacy of your accommodations. That includes a tree house if you’re lucky enough to snag one for the Christmas holiday before they are all grabbed up.

Christmas in Belize at the Lodge makes an amazing surprise gift for people you love most, so why not bring the entire family to this heavenly place? The gardens feel sacred. The jungle is populated with creatures that may have been present at Christ’s birth. Even Christmas dinner promises to be a feast for the eyes and senses and what better way to prepare yourself for the year ahead than by restoring your sense of balance at this wondrous place?
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