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Belize Jungle Lodge: Caves, Rivers & Rooms      

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Many people travel to Belize to visit Ian Anderson's Caves Branch and express their love for the caves, rivers and rooms! Here is a video of Keith Gill and his fellow adventurers on a cave expedition in Belize. You can see them tubing down the river which is the perfect tour on a hot summer day in Belize. Its summer almost all year round and a cool refreshing river is the one thing on your mind.

As we approach one of the caves, rather than go in as we had with other caves we decide to walk around this cave. Our guide, Junior, informs us that this cave goes not just underground but underwater. Yes, we can walk around to the exit and take the river to the next worries.” – Keith Gill

Here is another short but beautiful video from Keith showing someone jumping off a ledge! Just look, How cool is that?!

Jumping into the Caves Branch River just outside one of the several caves along the river.” – Keith Gill

Caves and Rivers are just about the most beautiful sites that you can find within walking distance from the lodge. Here is the inland Blue Hole that is located just across the highway from the Caves Branch Property. This video shows the surroundings close to the water, including  the “blue” hole as well as the trees and sunlight that seeps in through the foliage above. This one is right across from St. Herman’s cave and the water is cold!

The rooms are beautiful, deep in the jungle and comfortable! Here is one video also from Keith, their accommodations on their vacation at the lodge.

If you love the jungle rooms, rivers and caves then there’s no place in Belize like this one.

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