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All Inclusive Family Vacations - Kids Welcome!      

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When Ian Anderson Caves Branch started operating, it was believed that the adventures were inappropriate for children and all families with kids were discouraged from making a reservation. Oh! But we were so wrong… there are kid friendly adventures at the lodge.

All Inclusive Family

We have noticed that on most of our adventure tours, kids are the ones who excel the most. Their minds are open to perceive what adventure is truly about and their energy and excitement ripples throughout the group. Kids are always the daring ones; they find the fun and thrill in all the adventures even the scary ones.

Belize Adventure Tours

Embarking on adventures in Belize as a family brings everyone closer. It’s a common ground on which parents and children of all ages can share and experience and connect in such a way that creates a lasting bond. They can explore and learn new things together. They can be a support for each other in moments that are a bit difficult to overcome and best thing is that they can have an awesome time together. It is something that is suitable for all ages.

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