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Explore Caves Branch Botanical Garden       

The Botanical Garden at Caves Branch is buzzing with activity and there are plenty of exquisite flowers in bloom. The infinite array of exotic flowers will surprise you. Come and experience the gentler side of Caves Branch.

Bug Photography & Adventure Workshop - September 2014      

Another BugShot Macro Photography Workshop is scheduled for September 2014, hosted at Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge! Just like last year we will have internationally renowned instructors Alex Wild, Thomas Shahan, Piotr Naskrecki and John Abbott.




Blueberry Coffee Cake Muffins      

If you stay up in the tree houses, muffins along with coffee and tea are brought up for you early in the morning. To wake up to the smell of sweet blueberry cake muffins makes for a perfect beginning to an adventurous day!

Out in the Belize Jungle for a few Days!      

If you are out in the Belize jungle for a few days you could have the time of your life and even choose to enjoy both the challenging and the more comfortable approach to the jungle adventures.

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