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"10 Unexpected Adventure Trips in Central America" - Fit Travel      

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As Joshua Berman said, “these epic experiences are waiting for you—just a few hours and one passport stamp away from most major southern U.S. airports”. At Ian Anderson's Caves Branch however we like to call them Epic adventures in Belize – there’s nothing more exciting.

  1. Rock Climbing – Guatemala’s Cerro Quemado (translates to Burnt Hill) is a dormant volcano which was the highest point in Central America until it erupted thousands of years ago.
  2. Caves Adventure – Belize’s Actun Tunichil Muknal is a must! Fit Travel says, “In addition to swimming-wading-squeezing-crawling-hiking a half mile deep into the Maya underworld, you get to experience a unique experiment in the world of archaeology and tourism. In the ATM caves, officials have left 1000-year-old bones, pots, and other artifacts in situ, instead of hauling them off to labs and museums. The crystal maiden herself is a full-body skeleton, covered in calcite crystals which sparkle in your headlamp’s light.”

Caving in Belize

  1. Island Hopping – the Cayes (pronounced as keys) in Belize are more than 200 and all of them are situated a short distance from the largest coral reef in the Western and Northern Hemispheres. They are perfect for snorkeling and diving!
  2. Practice Yoga above a Maya archaeological site – The ancient City of Copan, to some people it is known as the “Athens of the Maya world”

Belize Mayan Ruins

  1. Swim with Whale Sharks – This adventure is available both in Belize and Honduras. All you need to do is follow the time of the year they come. It is usually during a full moon in April or May. It’s the largest fish in the world! Don’t miss out on this chance.
  2. Surfing the tides – El Salvador, white-sandy beaches and a stunning village behind that faces waves that are perfect for beginners or those who are a bit out of practice. Surf’s up!
  3. Ash Board (Kind of like snowboarding) – In Nicaragua, this “sport” was created only in the last 10 years when local adventurers and expats decided to see what would happen if they tricked out some old snowboards and pointed them down the side of a local volcano.
  4. Kayaking – This along with rappelling waterfalls and ziplining is available in both Belize and Costa Rica. In Belize however, you will find that more people will speak English and the currency is also fixed so it is much easier.

Zipline in Belize

  1. Trek across Panama - This epic 8-day overland journey crosses the entire Panamanian Isthmus through Chagres National Park, a 50-mile, full-on expedition with camping gear and porters to help you haul your stuff along the legendary “Camino Real,”— this served cross-isthmus travelers long before the Panama Canal was built. You’ll hike the same route taken by explorers in the 1500s, as they hauled New World gold across the narrowest part of the Isthmus to ships waiting on the Caribbean side for passage back to Europe.
  2. Cycle the 5-Country Doomsday Ride - Joshua says, “One country’s not enough? This 5-week, 60-mile-a-day cycling expedition starts in San Jose, Costa Rica in mid-November, and ends in Belize in late December. It started in 2012, for the prophesied end of the Maya Long Count calendar, and is one of the most intense ways to immerse yourself in Central American culture. You’ll pedal 1,678 miles through tiny villages, next to massive volcanoes, and alongside untouched, pristine beaches. You’ll have a sore ass, but you’ll cover Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize on what’s sure to be the ride of your life.”

Our Belize Jungle Lodge

Hope that you enjoyed the article, Fit Travel’s 10 Epic adventures. Belize made the list and we are proud of all the excitement and enjoyable vacations that we can provide for our esteemed visitors.

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