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“Most adventure I have ever packed into 7 days”      

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How many adventures have you packed into just 1 week? 7 days can seem like such a short time when you are really having fun. This is the story from our guest that was posted on Trip Advisor.

“I stumbled across a magazine article on this place a few years ago and it really got my interest. I started to research the place, here and on other websites and decided we had to go. This place is really out there, in the middle of the jungle. We booked the 1 bedroom tree house, with it's own outdoor shower. The tree house is a large room on the side of a steep bank about 200 feet from the river with a nice deck. The path leading from the lodge to the room is quite steep, but paved, and we had the first room which is about 100 feet from the lodge. The outdoor shower is on the deck with three tall walls and a half wall that looks out over the river and stands about 4 feet high. The water pours into a bucket with holes punched into the bottom.

Belize Tree Houses - Outdoor Shower

Inside the room is another shower and regular toilet. The sink is in the bedroom. This room is really for couples, as the indoor shower is not separated with a door. They will throw some bunk beds in there so you can fit a couple of kids, then just use the outdoor shower. The bedroom is in the back and open to the downstairs living room. The whole front of the unit facing the river is screened in with no window coverings, but it is up about 25 feet and opens only to the river and jungle. There is a tree growing through the floor and out the roof, and a bit of rain runs down it.


Belize Tree House

In our room, there were no outlets to charge a camera or laptop, but after reading the reviews here, I brought an adaptor for a light bulb socket. The lights and fans are wired directly into the wall, so you can't unplug them to plug in your chargers. The power seemed to go off every night, but very late after we went to bed. There is a safe in the room so you can leave your valuables. The doors lock, but I easily stepped upon the hand rail and hopped over the door to the deck when we forgot our key. There are two more doors from the deck to the room. A solid door that goes into the upper floor, and a screened door to the lower floor. The floors are only separated by about 3 steps. The room was very nice and you are asked not to take food back to them to prevent insects from invading.”

“The lodge has the kitchen and a covered eating area, which is not screened in. Some nights there were some mosquitoes. Keep bug spray on whenever you will be outdoors. Each evening, there is a buffet dinner and family styled dining. It's nice to talk to the other guests and get their opinions on the daily activities. The tour guides show up at dinner and arrange the next days activities. They always seemed to have safety in mind, and were very helpful on every tour. The main tour we wanted to go on was the cave tubing/zip line. We floated down the river for several hours, going underground for over 7 miles, it was relaxing and the best trip ever. About 1 mile from the end, our guide pointed out where the cruise ship tours start. We laughed. The tubing part ends at another tour company where your lunch is provided. They have showers and changing rooms. We had put some dry clothes in the van which met us there.”

Caves Branch Restaurant - Buffet Style

“After changing, we did the zip line tour. There is a bit of climbing, but it was mostly concrete stairs. This is the best zip line tour I have ever been on. The guides are very safety conscience, keeping you clipped in at all times. Also, the course is very long and beautiful.”

Belize Zip Line Adventure Tour

“Another great tour is the waterfall cave hike. You should be halfway fit to try this tour. I'm a 49 year old male who sits behind a computer all day and I did it just fine. The tour takes you swimming along an underground river and climbing up waterfalls. The last waterfall is pretty high and you wear a harness so you don't fall back to the rocks below.”

Belize Waterfall Cave Expedition

“The most strenuous tour was the Black Hole drop. The tough part is the hiking. You have to hike in the jungle for about 45 minutes and it's all uphill. They gave us plenty of water and back packs to carry it. After you rappel 300 feet down and eat the lunch provided, you hike 45 minutes uphill to get out. It's a great trip and highly recommended, if you are up for the hike.”

Belize Black Hole Drop

"The other tours we went on were not very difficult at all. Don't miss the ATM cave. We also did the kayaking, horse back riding, and Xunantunich tour. Our check out day was the first day we had time to visit the swimming pool. It's a nice pool, and no one else was in it. Check out their website, and see all the fun you will have. I can't wait to go back."

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