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Belize Cave Tubing Tour – “Loved It!”      

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Here is a thorough explanation of the Belize cave tubing tour at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. Our guests did not stay at CB, instead they were  picked up from another Resort for the tour but nonetheless, they had an amazing time!

“The cave float tour was so much more than we ever imagined! Our entire group had the best time. We were picked up at Belizean Dreams by a wonderful driver whose name was Enricho. He was so good to point out different landmarks as we made the trip to Caves Branch. We arrived and took a short hike up the path to the lodge where they grouped us in small groups and our guides were introduced to us. We then traveled by bus for a short distance.

Photos of Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, Belmopan
This photo of Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We exited the bus, were given our floating tubes and began a short trek through the orange groves to the mouth of the cave. I was a little worried the water was going to be very cold but our guide assured us that it was very refreshing! He was correct, once we got in and started the float into the cave you adjusted to the water temp and it was very nice! We would float for a while and then we stopped and hiked a short distance, our guides were so enjoyable, explaining what we were seeing, cracking jokes and just making sure we were all safe and having a good time. They were very careful that we were careful of our footing and not to hit our heads, very attentive to each little detail. The Mayan ruins that we saw gave us goose bumps and the stories of facts they have learned over the years was so interesting. We stopped for lunch in the cave.

Photos of Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, Belmopan
This photo of Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The guides spread out a white cloth and prepared for lunch while we had the opportunity to just look around our surroundings.. When they were ready we sat down on the floor of the cave and enjoyed a delicious lunch that had been prepared for us by the Lodge and carried by our guides into the cave. After we all were finished and everything was packed up we began our hike again climbing up to a higher part of the cave...Our group was not the only group in the cave but we really thought we had it all to ourselves, only seeing the first group for a short time once or twice while we were in the cave. We then leisurely floated back out of the cave and watched as some of the first group (younger) jumped off of the cliff into the water...A great experience for us all. Make sure you wear really good shoes to climb and walk on the rocks in the water. They will tell you everything you need when you book your tour. A really great adventure that will be a lasting memory for all of us!”

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