Cave Tours In Belize – The most exciting part!


There is much more to Belize cave tours than learning something intriguing. These tours can be educational, physically challenging (a great workout) and fun! Yes F-U-N, you will have such an amazing time that you will not notice the educational and physical part until you are actually telling the story. You will think back and say, “I actually learned a lot and it was an amazing workout too!”
Belize Caving tours
So, what is the most exciting part of visiting these caves in Belize? If you thought about it for awhile you could probably guess. It is the most exciting part of all the tours – it is the “Adventure”!  Cave tours present some special experiences that can help make your vacation one where “Adventures that must be experienced to be believed… Once experienced never forgotten!”.  
Belize Cave Tubing
Let’s talk about the special challenges of caving in Belize: 
  • Cave tubing to the entrance and float through an entire cave system with your headlamps being the only light you have to guide you – up to 7 miles underground!
  • Exploring rivers and a total of six waterfalls that must be challenged and conquered before then end of the day.
  • Vigorous/Moderate hiking.
  • Rappelling into the “Mother of all Caves”.
  • Overnight caving expeditions.
  • Swimming across deep water, climbing then exploring without shoes.
Belize Cave Tours
The above list mentions some of the challenges that you will face on your caving tour depending on which tour you choose.  As mentioned above, all that has been mentioned has one word written all over it – adventure!  Wouldn’t you agree?
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