Cave Tubing Belize – What are the Dangers?


Tubing in Belize has been the past time of many local families especially in the hot summer months. Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch has brought this past time to new and exciting levels by making it one of its signature tours. Now, you and your friends and family can participate in this adventure and have a great time floating down into caves on a cool refreshing river. 
As enjoyable as this tour is, there are a few dangers associated with cave tubing. As a company offering many Belize adventure tours, we feel that it is our job to keep our guests educated ahead of time by giving a few pointers as to how to avoid potential dangers during tours. First, we will mention some of the things that can happen while cave tubing and then we will mention some tips mentioned by guests to help ensure that your tubing experience goes well. 
Belize Cave Tubing
Dangers of Cave Tubing:
There are several things that our guests have mentioned about this tour that are good to keep in mind.  Some of the risks that they have commented on are:
1.  Getting separated from the group – every person has their own tube, floating and paddling in one direction can be a little difficult depending on the current of the river.
2.  Being in the water with some animal – one guest mentioned seeing a snake in the water while tubing. 
3.  Being sucked under a ledge by the rushing water.
Cave Tubing Dangers
Tips for Cave Tubing in Belize:
Although all the risk mentioned above are real, there are several tips that can be followed to minimize these risks so they rarely, if ever, need to be addressed.
1.  All cave tubers should pay keen attention to instructions and warnings that their respective tour guide gives before and on the tour. All tour guides are experienced and have been through extensive training including training for rescues. So be attentive and have fun but remember don’t be shy to speak up if you see something or are concerned about something.
2.  Most animals will only attack if threatened.  The best course of action is to leave them alone and they should leave you alone as well.
3.  To minimize the possibility of someone being pulled underwater everyone, including strong swimmers, are encouraged to wear a life jacket – this is especially true for children.
4,  Try as much as possible to stick with the group – form a train or hold hands – be creative and do something fun while you paddle to stay on the right path.
Cave Tubing in Belize
So stay calm, have a great time, listen to your guide and your cave tubing experience will be one of the highlight of your visit to Belize.
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