Belize cave tubing – the longest in the country

“Since Ian introduced Cave Tubing to Belize tourism, Cave Tubing has become Belize’s most popular adventure trip. The original and full 7 mile "River of Caves" tube float is only available through the Ian Anderson Caves Branch Adventure Company.

Belize Cave Tubing

This is still Belize’s longest and most spectacular “River of Caves” cave tubing. You float over 7 miles underground! You will enter and exciting world of rivers that disappears into the underworld as you float in the darkness where only your headlamp and those of your fellow adventurers will light the way. It sounds scary but it is not! It is exciting and fun – lots of screaming and echoes too!

Cave Tubing in Belize

As you and your new found friends float down the river, you will pass side windows that filter the jungle light through the mist. Whenever you look around you will realize that you are swirling around stalagmites jutting from the river and stalactites looming from above. There are also underground waterfalls and a crystal cathedral. This is a spiritual center to the ancient Maya.

Belize Cave Tubing Tour

You do not need to have a high level of physical fitness. This is a moderate tour. The most challenging parts are the underground hiking and some jungle trekking. But it’s nothing you can’t do. This tour is save for children of approximately 8 years and up. If they can do it you can too! You will need comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting wet, well-treaded sneakers or other river shoes that has your toes covered up. Bumping your toe can be really painful. Don’t forget to bring along mosquito repellent with deet and a full change of clothes!

This amazing Belize cave tubing trip is not offered during dry months. Dry months are usually February to June in Belize. Due to this fact the tour is subject to only one day’s notice of cancellations. Do try this tour if you have the opportunity. We have several cave tubing tours but this one is the most spectacular!

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