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One of our recent guests, Elba Velez, had some great things to say about the Belize Zoo and took some excellent pictures as well.  Some of the things that she had to say are below.

“Haven’t you heard? The Belize zoo is one of the “Must See” zoos! Our little zoo has been quite popular among locals and visitors. If you have an interest in wildlife and would like to see native animals of Belize then a visit to the Belize Zoo is a must.”

Belize zoo

Belize Adventure Tours - Zoo

“It's a great place to see native animals in their natural surroundings. Our guide, Abel, from Ian Anderson Cave's Branch took us on a wonderful tour of the zoo. It was refreshing to visit a zoo where the animals looked content with beautiful green foliage in and around their enclosures.”

Belize Eco Tours - Zoo

The Belize Zoo

“You can get up close and personal visiting Junior the Jaguar; see his magnificent paws and gorgeous coat. It truly was a rewarding experience.”

The Belize Zoo

Belize Adventure Tours - Jaguar

Thank you Elba for these magnificent snapshots of the Belize Zoo.

Here are some facts from the Zoo that you might find interesting:

  • Belize has approximately 145 Mammal Species living within its boundaries. This includes inland and coastal mammals.
  • By one recent account, Belize supports 543 species of Birds. Birds thrive in all of Belize's habitats.
  • The total number of reptiles and amphibians in Belize is unknown. New species for the country appear at regular intervals. To date, 139 species have been identified. The reason the total number of species is so tentative, is because of the habitats that retiles and amphibians are found.

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