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Belize: Honeymoon Travel – 12 Reasons      

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Lillie & her husband Colin came to Belize for their honeymoon. It was in impulse choice since they got cheap plane tickets but little did they know they were about to have an amazing time. She says, “Belize was a PERFECT honeymoon destination”.

Belize Honeymoon

She has written a blog: “12 Reasons Belize is a Best Place for Honeymoon Travel:

  1. Belize travel is easy
  2. The People of Belize are great
  3. Belize is quite safe
  4. Belize is a manageable size
  5. Belize is interesting, unique and has a fascinating history
  6. Belize is close to America
  7. Belize is beautiful
  8. Belize cares about the environment
  9. Belize has options for many different budgets
  10. Belize is a melting pot of races and embraces that
  11. Food and water safety are good in Belize
  12. Belize is uncrowded and relaxed

In sum, we were highly pleased with our choice of Belize for our Honeymooon destination.”

Belize Adventure Honeymoon

Here are some things to do on your Belize honeymoon. There are tons of adventures for a couple, who says it can’t be romantic & adventurous at the same time? You can have all the experiences that Lillie & Colin had by visiting one place – but… Is Caves Branch Right for you?

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