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“Water Based Adventures” Cancellation Notice – a note from Ian Anderson      

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In Belize, rain can come and go in varying intensities with minimal or no notice at all (remember, we are in the rainforest!). Because of this, it is difficult to give our guests advance cancellation notice for their water based adventure tours.  We try to give as early warning as possible on tour cancellations, but there are times when this is simply not possible; at times there is simply no notice at all.

CB will always give you the option of choosing another tour that is scheduled for that day. The water based adventures that might be affected are listed at the bottom of the message.

Belize Cave Tubing

When it rains in certain parts of the country, the river will start rising but we won’t see the effect until 30 min to two hours later. Sometimes we go to pick up our guests and the river is beautiful for a day of adventure – our guests sit and have a cup of coffee or change to get ready for the tour and by the time they are finished the water levels have risen beyond safety standards.


At times, rivers might swell while we are already on the adventure. It’s all a part of adventure! Our guides are noted as being the most highly trained in the country and are all founding members of the Belize National Disaster and Rescue Response Team. Our Caves Branch guides are well trained to deal with alternate routes to guide guests safely out of all situations.

Ian Anderson Caves Branch apologizes for any inconveniences caused because of the cancellation of these water based adventure with little or no notice. If the water level changes considerably and it is not safe to go on the tour, it will be cancelled.  Be mindful however that we will always offer you the option of going on another tour that is scheduled for the same day to make up for the cancelled one.

For the reasons above, Ian Anderson Caves Branch will not be able to refund any trips cancelled due to sudden change in weather, but will always offer an alternative adventure for the day.

The tours that may be affected by water levels are:

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