Cave Tubing in Belize

Rushing water and tubes have become the most important things in one of Belize’s most popular tours. Cave tubing in Belize was first started by Ian Anderson and still remains the longest and most spectacular tube float tour in the country.

What’s so awesome about such a simple experience? Well, it’s the places and scenery, the underworld you get to visit, being in the water, looking at the animals on the river banks as you swish past in a fast current. Everything about this trip is awesome.

Here is another video that captures an ENTIRE family vacation at Ian Anderson Caves Branch in April, 2012. It’s a very lengthy video but it’s one worth watching at least mid way! You can almost feel the adrenaline rush by watching this fusion of video clips and amazing pictures! They have a section for each tour that they did. Here is a list of the different tours captured and the time on the video that it was recorded just in case you want to skip forward to see a specific one.

Video Scene featured  – Minutes:Seconds

The Lodge – 00:12
Waterfall Cave – 1:52
Bird Watching – 11:13
Black Hole Drop – 12:01

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