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Facts about Your Belize Kayaking Adventure      

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Here are some facts as to why kayaks preferred over canoes:

  • They are much easier to paddle for beginners.
  • They are easier to maneuver when compared to a canoe.
  • A kayak will help to keep all your gear dryer than if they were in a canoe, because they don’t take on water when the waves splash over the bow.
  • The paddler is closer to the water and is protected from the elements.


Belize Kayaking

A Belize Kayaking adventure is safe for a mature 10yr old individual and older. Remember to wear clothing that is comfortable and light weight. Preferably long pants and light weight long sleeve shirts that will allow for easy movement. Your clothing might get wet so wear one that you don’t mind being wet in. The long pants and long sleeves will help so that you don’t get very bad sunburn. If you have well treaded sneakers or high quality river shoes with covered toes wear those. You will definitely need mosquito repellent, lots of waterproof sunscreen and a hat. You will have so much fun, you won't even realize you're getting a great upper body workout!

Belize Kayaking

Good luck and be safe on your kayaking adventures.

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