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Cave Tubing Vs. Zipline      

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Have you ever had the difficulty of choosing between Belize zipline and cave tubing? They are both very cool adventures, however they are very different! One is air and one is water. Both of them hold risks and both of them are enjoyable to any member of the family.

Belize Cave Tubing - Zip Line

You will get wet (nice way to cool off) You will stay dry (lots of breeze)
You’ll be swimming like a fish on tubes You’ll be flying like a bird
You will float over 7 miles underground from cave to cave in the water You will soar from platform to platform through the air
You float down the river seeing things like a crocodile You get a bird’s eye view of the jungle
If you can’t swim – THERE ARE TUBES AND LIFEJACKETS AVAILABLE! If you’re not comfortable with heights – DON’T LOOK DOWN!
Safe for kids Safe for kids

Both adventures have a moderate intensity level so it does not require you to be in top shape physically. Cave tubing requires some underground hiking and jungle trekking but it is nothing that you can’t handle. So there you have it… if this is not enough for you to make a definite choice of choosing only one then try both with our combo tour of cave tubing and zipline. This is guaranteed to knock your socks off!

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