“Water Based Adventures” Cancellation Notice – a note from Ian Anderson

In Belize, rainy periods come and go in varying intensities (keep in mind, we are in the rain-forest!) Frequently and especially during the rainy season (June to November and extending many times as late as February) it is difficult to provide advance cancellation notice for water-based adventure tours and many times there is simply no notice time at all.  Rains are not always falling in our immediate area but further up into the hills and surrounding watershed. Rivers will start rising but we won’t see the effect until hours later. It is not unusual for the weather and river to be perfect in the early morning, which guests are enjoying coffee prior to their tour, only to have the river in full flood state by 8:45 AM.

Waterways may swell while we are already on the adventure itself!

SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY! Our entire Guiding Team is the most highly trained team of its kind in the country – with our senior guides being the founding members of the country’s first official rescue team: Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team (BDARRT). Caves Branch Tour Guides are extremely well trained to observe rising water levels inside caves and will immediately CALL OFF a tour and lead our visitors safely out of these situations, once there is danger.

Please take note of the activities that may be affected by water levels are:

The  ATM Cave Tour and Xunantunich Maya Ruins – although not offered on the property may also be affected by general rains that will cause a rise in either the Roaring River (ATM Cave) or the Mopan River (Xunantunich) both of which are accessed via river crossings. The National Institute of Culture & History (NICH) is responsible for these two sites and will close them for safety reasons which are out of our control. Our guide team will notify you if these are affected during your stay or visit with us.

Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch apologizes for any inconveniences caused because of the cancellation of these water-based adventures with little or no notice. If the water level changes considerably and it is not safe to go on the tour, it will be canceled. Although Caves Branch Lodge does not provide refunds for situations where the weather is concerned, we will always provide you with an alternative activity for you in these events.

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